Wednesday, March 14, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 15

national science foundation
where scientists do research
and win awards

thursday poets rally
where poets from large write poetics
and upload nutrition, world peace, and inner satisfaction

brown universirty
a place for Malia Obama, Emma Watson, and J. D. Henneberry study
how do you do in your own academic valley?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

short story slam week 85

out inner fears
our bold fires

our brave inventions
our powerful imaginations

keep it burning
let it be lit
let stories well preserved and well afloat
I value stories, the way I value my myself as a human

Sunday, February 25, 2018

short story slam week 73, 84profound things always come here, poetry and story inn fridays week 14

story of the week 73, aya wilson, and Betty Hayes Albright 

  Image result for atkins museum of art

by leah lococo

Image result for sycamore university

supported by Theodore Roethke, Fred Chappell, Pjil Jaeger, Jon Davis, Caila Rossi, Chuck Anderson

Image result for anson, texas

lovely city from Texas, thanks to Robert Denham, William Matthews, and Adam Lux

Image result for abilene, texas

city of Abilene, proud of anthony williams, w. w. norton, harper collins, b. b. blair, tom berry