Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Al Words Here To Enjoy!

I do love algebra,
an apt way to group numbers,
abstract, deep, and full of wonders.

Geometry, alternative subject
in advanced mathematics, the
concrete method to study exactness.

food or aliment,
nutrition or alimentary facts,
a matter or a measurement.

alimony reminds one of
broken hearts, sad and offensive,
nothing is enough to heal.

almost, differing from the same word,
while alloy is a metal
and almond means nut called Xinren.

 i like to be alone,
with my thoughts hang aloft,
no strings attached.

words aloof off my pen,
emotional and twisted, silent
yet aloud, like alpine light.

it's hard to explain,
we all nestle ourselves in a shell to avoid pain,
and writing is a way to fulfill our altars.

although obviously puzzled,
we yet work hard to get well educated
and grab for a perfect altitude.

alum equals to Mingfan,
ordinary means Pingfan,
too bad i also honor a place called Yufan.


Zhong Guan Chun and Robert McCormick School at Northwestern: The Alternates To Silicon Valley at CA

Back in 1992, or 1989, a trail blazer,
Lenovo (Lian Xiang) is born and well known for its modern technology characterization,
and for its connection to Peking University, and Beijing University of Science and Technology,
in particular, for the contribution made by graduates majoring in chemical engineering,
computational mathematics, materials management engineering, and computer engineering...

Zhong Guan Chun (Zhong Guan Cun) is an electronic city,
a tech village home to Lenovo and OTHER COMPUTER SOFTWARE AND hardware,
Maggie Well Donnolo always  enjoys riding Peking city bus #312, from Jianguo Men,
Jinji Xueyuan, Ren Ming University, passing Zhong Guan Chun, arriving Peking University 
East, West, or South gate, carrying spirits  of Yun Canal and Tongxian mood to her boy friend
Avalon May Hoganut, who attends Peking University,
where the campus is next to Yuan Ming Yuan park.

Beijing, Seattle, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chicago, Dalian, Harbin, Perry, Shenyang,
Madison, Princeton, Rome, San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio, Yale, Stillwater...
Efforts of many years converge,
A young man, Marley Park Hoganut, attending McCormick School of Engineering,
stretches time from 1993 to 2014, from East to West,
sheltering thought provoking imagery with his friends at Nu, at Ryan Field.

Mo Yan, Jiangsheng You, Dawei Teng, Toshe Wang, Elizabeth Bumiller, Charles Whitaker,
Yo Yo Ma, Marissa Mayer, Jerry Yang, Larry Page, Robin Li, Henry Schofield, Amy Allibon,
who would link London, Berlin, Fangshan, to Zhong Guan Tech village, and Silicon Valley?
The guy who plays Cello at NY Carnegie Hall in 2009 still chews on the meats
he gets from Quartz Mountain, Bienen School of Music, and Chicago Symphony Orchestra,
He will remember Mountain View, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Denver, Lawrence, Norman,
and his photos at Manhathan, Providence, Tokyo, Atlanta, Seoul, Little Rock, Memphis,
New Mexico, Wichita, Houston, Dallas, Panama, Washington D. C. speak a story of fantasy.

Zoom in on the fabulous institution called Northwestern University,
We add some more light to our honorable people list around the world:

Morton Schapiro, Julio Ottino, Stacia Campbell, Beth Whitehouse, Joe Biden, Barack Obama,
Steve Twomey, Sidney Sheldon, Tom Philp, Susan Page, John Musker, Gary Marshall, Jill Peng,
Walter Kerr, Bob Greene, Stephen Hunter, Rance Crain, Saul Bellow, Larry Gosney, John Anderson,
Jimmy Stapp, Matt Holliday, Tyler Helen, Sierra Swartz, Scott Leming,  Bob Lanotte, Kaylee Hogan,
Jiahong Wu, Lila Pepsi, Rath Farham, Robert Black, Ewu gordon, Suzzanne Donnolo, Frank Wang,
Mwarumba Ottan, Njoki Bismorch, William Pao, Donghua Li, Michele Obama, Mingzi Wu, Yu Moon,
Jurgen Habermas, Doha Crown Schmidt, Ann Lurie, Paul Farmer, Erin White, Erin White, Jinge Xi,
Sara Bloomfield, Sarah Blount, Richard Muti, Stevie Wonder, Jehane Nouhaim, Frederick Hemlce,
Myrlie Evers-Williams, Tucker May, Wiliam Osborn, Kellie Elmore, Krista Neal, Lauren Amaya,
Alan Schapiro, Brad Henry, Pat Quinn, Jerry Brown, Mary Fallin, Burns Hargis, Liz Liu,  Lifu Wu... 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kowloon As Jiulong, Nagoya As Mingguwu, and Mozilla More

                                                                  El Paso
                                                        Mozilla Firefox
                                                            Qi Qin
                                                                   United Kingdom
                                                                           Yangsheng Wu