Thursday, January 28, 2016

the norman transcript from university of oklahoma, david lyle boren and molly shi boren

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Image result for norman transcript
high school students do their research
on colleges,
on major interests of studies,
not all are satisfied about their choice,
but, we are happy that
Meijun Zhu, Allen Yen, Sandy Wright pick OU,
Richard Yang, Christina Fallin, and Todd Lamb are fond of OU,
simply because they can be number ONE in football
and they often carry NO fears in fighting against OSU,
which is very interesting to Burns Hargis and David Lyle Boren

this year of Monkey,
we look around Cambridge, Norman, Mid-west City, Stillwater,
we have fun writing about politicians such as Mary Fallin,
including Dan Little, Lyle Hagler Boren, and Jor Kingers
Frank Wang has the courage to post Tom Palmore,
which is appreciated by Jina Yung and Morton Owen Schapiro
we show our gratitude to OU, OSSM, OSU activity,
such as Safari Tents camp, New York city field trips

here comes a rooster of norman transcript from OU student paper:

Cinday Rosenthal
William Perry
Joe Kinger
Amy Loper
Barry Goldwater
Dan Boren
Lyle Hagler Boren
Dan Little
Xifan Liu
Janna Lou Little
David Hall
Jiahong Wu
Molly Shi
George Nigh
James Inhofe
James Lankford
Dewey Bartlett
David Lyle Boren
Ray Liatta
Jennifer Loperz
Audie Leon Murphy
Sam Walton
Preston McCurtain
Shane Vice
Chuck Hagel
Robert Novak
Melissa Claire Egan
John Crook
Lindsey Bahn
Anne D'innocenzio
Kristen Moore
Dave Moore
Sidney Lee
Da Pron
Jay Bobbin Duane
Sandy Veigo
Stan Choe
Annabel Bernardo
Joseph Pisonio
Dave Skretto
Steve Megargee
Clay Horning
Bill Kiser
Jim Thorpe
Jim Murphy
Jim Vertune
John Shinn
David Lieb
Ken Miller
Andy Rieger
Reynolds Mazda
Reynolds Ford
Steve Adams
Bill Hickman
Jamie Tsatoke
Jessica Bruho
Mack Burke
Downton Abbey
Lucinda Southworth
Sophie Schmidt
Alison Schmidt
Wendy Schmidt
Beryl Rosenberg
Sheryl Sandbery
Marissa Mayer
Julie Cohen
Brad Henry

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Ruby Tuesday, Blue Monday

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Blue Monday - What is That?

Tomorrow tells us it will be here
every new day of our lives; and
if we will be wise, we will turn
away from the problems of the past
and give the future
---and ourselves---
a chance to be come the best of friends.

sometimes all it takes
is a wish in the heart
to let yourself...begin again.

----------Collin MvCarty