Saturday, November 21, 2015

high and low notes on holiday spirits

Holly bible opens
doors to vespers-the bridge
faith to the Divine
beneath the carpet
hidden the tears of the sleeping beauty
short story slams rock
santa clause comes
passing packages of blackbirds gifts
spirit of Christmas
pierced afternoon exits,
whistling wind snowing autumn mood
barbaric pantomime reads

feverish notes written
Stanford university football team travels,
west coast smokes paper
  photo 64e4b4ad-6f82-49a6-8e84-fd1c372f47d8_zpsuszpjqcu.jpg

Monday, November 2, 2015

short story slam week 32

that's 21 century show,
with Eskimo Joe in a row,
and Tom Hanks in a column,
people rejoice for 2015 autumn

a fairy decides to be a tooth scary,
she pull small lords front teeth to tease,
she crown some candy suckers with golden foil
and she color dark hair yellow

the fairy has a man's hairdo,
a metal or ron alike body,
red wings behind his shoulder,
green face gives new york city screams, only louder

she is not eric,
she is not sergey,
she is not larry,
but she is Chanerry