Wednesday, June 22, 2016

short story slam week 46, escape summer break loneliness and get into creative arts

Image result for 2016 quartz mountain creative writing 

Image result for 2016 quartz mountain creative writing 

Image result for 2016 quartz mountain creative writing 
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Image result for cohen products 
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marc nelson,
jennette wilson

sasha cohen
peter hilger

it is summer of 2016, lone wolf,
the creative arts involve anne montgomery, bailey spears, olivia prichard, hannah morton

photograph, orchestram modern dance,
they speak language of Chloe Griffin, Benjamin Davis, Jack Thompson, Emily Shoemake,

drawing and painting, acting, ballet, chorus, poetry, free style walking,
waters below, bridges hang

we sing music, we write thoughts on Alex rolling, Rachael Rhodes, Elizabeth Myles, Abby Mansfield, Cassidy Lee, Alaina Farney, Jessica Fan, Belle Dees, Dylan Bui, Matt Baier

more voice joins,
we have fun with Tristan Allen, Sophia Reyes, Carli Manwell, Zoie Hudson, Claire Frank,

Sami Feronti, Rylee Evans, Zac Turner, Colton Tompkins, Valerie Sharp, Sabrina Sutton,
Paige Mcintosh, Eric Chamreun, Jasper Erie-Lanman, Heather Spoo, Lauren Morris, Lucy Johnson

it is easy to relax when you are motivated,
and it is easy to give in or give up when discouraged

but here, we do know our potentials enough to keep sailing,
we fly high with Katie Soudek, Ryan Hernandez, Rachel Coldwell, Joshua Brown, Carly Bender,

add light to Brynn winter, Abbie westfall, kaylee percival, abby kerr, leah hill,
it is sweet to chew words from Tasneem Al-Michael, Kat Bates, Helen Smith, Julian Walker,

quartz music,
balty point profession

thanks again to fallin, christina, todd, karen, mimi, julio, mark, drew, martha, audi, leon, jayce,
take care, justin, amelia, emily, kathleen, peter, sarah, cindy, ali, jack, lindsey, allison, chuck,

Saturday, June 11, 2016

short story slam week 46, escape

  shaebug scarberry  (Vivian Chow 周慧敏)

 Image result for sierra holden in golf         Sierra Holden (Joey Wong 王祖贤)

I am not sure about how, why, or when,
I simply know that Shaebug Scarberry was born in Honolulu, residing in Hong Kong,
she returned to US with her ambition on Golf, and she wins a few prizes along with her
opponent Sierra Holden, who happens to fine tune golf court well.

Shaebug Scarberry grows up never quitting her dreams, and so does Sierra Holden,
The Golf Missouri magazine has cover page for both of them,
along with Chloe Black, Kason Cook, David Trimble, Yujeong Son, and Scott Wright.

through rumor of mouth, we recognize Shaebug and Sierra as Vivian and Joey, both
stand at the same height as world famous golf playing, and movie maker.

Early days, when Connor Wilson attempts to make friend with Joey Wong, he often feels insecure, and he often wonders why he shall trust a woman?

for some reason, Joey migrated to Sweden by marrying a handsome musician there, bearing three lords in Europe, and Joey has to juggle between USA and Sweden, and has many support from her relatives and friends of former middle school

our light sheds on Connor Wilson and Shaebug Scarberry (Vivian), they meet by chance on a friend's party, and grow some common sense, and after Sierra departs them, Connor and Vivian see each other regularly, and they become well known in American golf court, and in Taiwan movie markets..

Image result for conor wilson in golf  Connor Wilson (Jiahong Wu  吴奇隆)

   shaebug scarberry  (Vivian Chow 周慧敏)  // Connor Wilson (Jiahong Wu  吴奇隆)

 now, we celebrate small lords from Vivian and Justin,  or Shaebug and Connor,
they enjoy their son and daughters, three of them,

Jerrimae Burgs Wilson
Streb Scarberry Wu
Melody Racine Chow 

 Image result for three siblings