Saturday, January 14, 2017

short story slam week 60, the power of appliemath, and the tip of a free verse

Venetian, Macau
Wyandotte, Joplin
Indigo, Radine
Vintage Books, Peoria

a drive to a city
a path to a destination
we say good things
and speak beautiful language

when a person focus on research
we grand it freedom of law of gravity
because symmetry attracts
number theory please

Thanks to Lisa Mantini, Ben Birgear
John Robert Myers, Benny Evans,
John Wolfe, Douglas Aichele,
David Fili, Alan Noell, Jiahong Wu

sight seeing
Hefei, Anhui University,
Beijing,. Capital Normal University,
Jiaozuo, Henan Poly-tech university

a trip from Guangdong to Inchon is long
a trip from Tokyo to Taoyuan is profound
Thanks to Yuan Jia, Zhu Siqi, Fan Meihua,
Melissa Mills, Nina Williams, and Dale Alspach

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Jiahong Wu and Sheng Wu, Tiantan Park, Beijing, 2007