Monday, February 25, 2013

The Romance of The Sea By Bin Ramke

A group of words deflect, reflect in darkening
water as evening enters and the ship
sails in - the words matter, but are
unreadable the surface bends of
water bends and sends light scattering colors
of letters; imagine it, imagine it as
reproducible somewhere has been done
before to death-harbor, light, evening,
reflections. A name a nationality. Boats get namedThe evening reflection on water-the water
oily and of its own color, of the color of refracted light against the
molecules, a grating
of light against a surface contain-these words
unreadable. Second wind
in the number one name of sailboats,
but this engine muffled by water.
has no use for wind or readers.
it is all business, all surface water wavery will...
five names for one tanker since it was known
notoriously, currently Dong Fang Ocean...
ship type: dry cargo, No liquids
allowed. Ex Exxon.