Friday, March 11, 2016

short story slam week 40, the entended care on social reform and freedom of speech

Image result for pearson global forum          Sule Aygoren

 Cheryl Pearson-McNeil meets with Sule Aygoren,
 Jason Pearson wins approval from Bill Henry Gates

 not sure how the story begins
because Lucinda Page remains cool near Lawrence Page

not sure why yahoo ceo changes
we always promote Jerry Yang and Marissa Mayer

no wonder why Silicon Valley is popular place
because at the spot, a white tiger indeed respects a brown bear

John Hallon starts Pearson tech
Emma Watson and Flume find, develop, and grow

Sheng Wu often is confused about Alan Noel
but Anne Wojcincki decides to embrace Abbey Wood

 Image result for pearson global forum    Jason Pearson

  Bill William Henry Gates

   Cheryl Pearson-McNeil

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

a story on Ji Yan (颜令宾), and her wisdom

Image result for 颜令宾   

Image result for 颜令宾   

this is a story about Ji Yan (  杨玉环), another name as (颜令宾), who was born
in Tsong dynasty, and she is very famous for her talent in Pipa playing, or classical

Born to a rich and prideful scholar and governor, with mother and father always in offical
position, Ji Yan grows up under tutoring of hundreds of locale or far distance folks,
they teach her how to walk, how to speak, how to smile, how to do needle work, how
to use abcus to calculate prince, how to write with a brush, how to sing beijing opera,
how to observe planets such as Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Earth, Saturn, and Comets

Ji Yan has a nick name, Kittery, her grandfather often calls her  Sayshree, or Ambrose,
she has lots of pearls, brackets, bookmarks, yet, she never chooses any to wear

her favorite hobby is reading books, especially poetry books,
her favorite outdoor activity is walking in woods, experiencing the fresh air of nature

although modern authority assumes that she is a world famous prostitute, who often refuses
to meet rich lords, but do honor and respect them from distance, yet, we know that Ji Yan
is a woman of grace, beauty, and high level of talents, she lets rumor circulate, yet she enjoys
the hot topics around her residence

today, not many people recall Ji Yan ever existed, but we refresh her story, and letting you
know that Ji Yan is no ordinary citizen, and her influence, her strict rules to herself, and her
contribution to creative work is invaluable.

Ji Yan has many relatives, if you care about what Ji Yan believes, you do care about modern technology, you do honor John Handcock, Chuck Robbins, Patrick Blair, Ying Liu, Anderson Cooper,
Larry Page, Scott Cook, Tom Proulx, Stephan Wilson, Mary Fallin, Kimberly Henry, Jerry Yang,
Sheryl Sandberg, Yansheng Bai, Peter Constantin, Yanqiu Wang, Jiahong Wu, Abbey Wood,
Michelle Obama, Barbara Bush, Vanessa Hudson, Chelsea Clinton, Ann Hargis, Mingze Xi...