Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Does Poetry Do To Me? The 4 Line Run!

word connection and metaphors too,
they speak and express point of view.
Lyrics, Haiku, verses, tanka, free style...
poetry keeps your brain refreshed for a while...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dirty Socks by Bruce Lansky

When I went on a camping trip

my father yelled, “PU!
Your socks smell worse than rotten eggs
and worse than doggy poo.”

“You’d better take them off,” he said,
“and wash them in the lake.”
It wasn’t long before I knew
he’d made a big mistake.

The water changed from clear to mud.
Then fumes began to rise.
And soon a cloud of air pollution
covered up the skies.

When bullfrogs started croaking
and ducks began to quack,
some campers started chanting,
“We want our clean lake back!”

I’ve got a couple of dirty socks.
I’m in an awful bind.
I guess I’ll have to bury them.
I hope the worms don’t mind.