Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Poem For Children © Kevin Greenwood

No one heard the old Gal make a word
A sound or noise any Christian ever heard
As she walked through the village once every moon
To buy some few vittles and leave none too soon.

Her purchases gripped in a dark burlap sack
Which she'd owned forever and fit 'cross her back.
Town folk would glance up from their every town's chore
In hope this time they'd see her no more.

Now a young girl called Mattie, a postal clerk's lass
Sat curly and giddy as the yon harridan passed
Unlike her town folk whose fear made them shy
She stood next to the mile marker and caught the hag's eye.

“Go home my plum lassie, you've nothing with me,”
Spoke the old woman coarsely as she turned round a tree
But Mattie had studied about a reply
And was soon to speak it when a trick caught her eye.

For the old tree was rotten and hollow inside
Mattie thought the old woman crawled in it to hide
With her eyes wide as saucers she peeked curiously within
Two wrinkled arms grabbed her and she was not seen again.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Love Knows No Age by Elaine January Iodice

Love knows no age, no time at all,
As long as there's a heart that beats,
A mind to let us think and feel,
Love is now-forever more.
Long before a spoken word,
The sheltered warmth, the peacefulness
of love surrounds our tranquil world,
Oblivious to earth and space.
Months, then years, drift to a calm
of deep, true love when two are one,
a gentle touch, a smile, a word,
that fills the soul with peaceful bliss.
As long as there's an ocean's tide,
the air to breathe, a sun that shines,
Love knows no age, no time at all...
As endless as infinity...
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