Friday, February 19, 2016

short story slam week 39, someone who votes deserve the peace

short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

when Ann Blair is announced Professor of University at Harvard University,
almost everyone is shocked.

some say, please honor Ann Blair, she is a fabulous professor,

some say, please promote Josephine Baskin, she is way too cool.

when I check some of these out, i find that Ann Blair, Sara Jones, Yasuko Crawford,
they are absolute relatives...

a childhood is spent at Paris is good, a day spent at Katy, Texas is hot,
when Mira Singer and Leonard Midlothian meets, they could not believe the
fact that, they actually co-own blood streams, share lots of genes

names listed here are subject to demonstrate people, who currently, or  in the past,
are absolute relatives, which means, one could married to another, having two to four children
and their grandparents, great grandparets are different

just read, and have a laugh:

Audrey Gaddin, Marissa Blair, Rhoda Blair, Patrick Blair, Rusty Blair, 
Drew Gilpin Faust, Katrina Belt, Renford Blair, Ava Blair, Dennis Chambers, 

Brittany Conley,  Jimmy Waynesville,Mahopac Bedford, Felicia Blair,
 Marcus Webb, Apopka Rauner, Jean Blair, Sleepy Hollow, Joseph Goodbread, 

Deer Park, Lee Blair, Alwanza Moyler, Windy Walker, Raymond Blair,
Mildred Blair, jim akins, Valarie Eckley, Herber Elkay, Gary Blair, Joe Battle, 

Lorman Battle, Floyd Brown, Annmaris Blair, Carol Winckel, Bobby Pickens, 
John Rudge, Helen Oberg, Mary White, Jeremia Winkell, Cynthia Carr, William Carr,

 Ben Francisco, Lonnie Schmidt, Winfred Schmidt, Blair Antoinette, Tina Blair, 
Renee Blair, Ashley Blair, Cindy Roger, Christina Dominggo Mulvine, Tom Washington,

Blaine Beeny, angela Blair, Cassidy Blair, Henry Blair, Annie Trujillo, Jack Chan,
Julio Ottino, Alicia Loeffler, Kirk Blair, Shannon Blair, Dave Turril, Vina Lee,

Martha Minow, Joseph Singer, Mark Wu, Thomas James, Thingy Nimue,
Sheila Moore, Toby Keith, Mary Fallin, Sabrina Swanger, Sarah Chang

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

short story slam week 38, on Mitch Mongold, Erin Lucas, and Annice Mcewan

Image result for abilence
 Image result for abilence
short story slam week 38, Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016, Dreams Beyond Rainbow Sky

Whatford Observer,
Abilence Book Cover

Retired faculty Mitch Mongold,
an writer of Thermoluninescence of Solids,  friend of Glynna Worley

archeology team unearths mammoth
that's for Annice Mcewan and Carlos Cordova, Jordan Bland

geology is rocky mountain business,
thanks to the minerals in Harvard university museum

Kurt Steiss minds photo contests,
Mike Yurcich cares about sports field goals

Washington D. C. is busy with John Kerry's open mind,
Joe Biden, Al Gore, Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama embrace diverse folks

never being into Air National Guard before?
look at Ryan Holley, Trip Gabriel, Sabrina Shrader, they love virginia

many years go by,
those who sail high indeed bloom with Yellow Daisy in their backyard. 

it is hard to please a police officer,
it is easy if we all treat each other better in friendly manner