Wednesday, April 27, 2016

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, balance, colege education, and faculty inputs

Hyde Park Poetry

outstanding technology
exceptional expertise

many people gather at Saint Louis
Remark the excellence on computer and information technology

we shed spotlight on a few faculty there,
rain praise to Jianguo Meng's relatives, and rusty blair's law makers

Say, we are impressed by Mary Fallin, Christian Fallin,
we are interested in Jay Nixon, Frank Wang, Chris Shrock, and Mark Wrighton knowledge base

let's roll down the paper,
allow Amelia Wilson and Edward Page nephew get in Washingotn University at Saint Louis,

Harvard University does include Thomas and James,
Craig Schnuk, Julia Wrighton, Sadie Wrighton, and Rodnet Wrighton feel great then

Back on Michelle Sims, Melinda Harper, and Julia Martin page,
many people still seek strength

Roch Guerin, Kevin Cowell, Zachary Feinstein, and Trevor Bilhorn speak,
so repressive and pleased by Kim Coleman, Yixin Chen, Ryan Chakrabarty, Tom Browdy

a college is important to Shene, Tomas, Trent, Braxton, Neel, and Chris,
a permission is vital when mindsets adapt peace

Phillip Gould, Shauna Dollison, Kenyon Feliciia, Jessica Runiewicz, Myrna Harbison sit,
Janelle Fletcher, Slicia Smeltzer, Maureen Galkowski, Ramesh Agarwal, and Wow

so many intelligence,
so powerful science projects

Nancy Kobus, Chris Kroeger, Ron Laue, Anupriya Agrawal, and Kunal Agrawal come,
Mike Altepeter, Cynthia Goessling, Mark Anastasio, Natalie Goodwin-Frank, they support

look further,
look deeper,

we find Martin Arthur, Steven George, Byron Austin, Richard Axelbaum, Carl Baggett,
we promote Kathy Flores, Johnnie Foster, Steve Bannes, Jessica Barber, and Laura Barker


here comes Rose Baxter, Phillip Bayly, Nick Benassi, and Cathy Freesmeier,
followed are Jocelyn Dehart, Megan Flake, Jerome Cox, Jerry Craig, and Jianmin Cui

the rectangle box is simple,
the wit in it is heavy

you have to admit the wisdom from more proferssors,
they are Mark Wrighton, Ron Cytron, William Darby, Ellen Boyne, Ed Borbely, Amanda Carr

at last, we add Aaron Bobick, Ryan Chakrabarty, Hong Wu Liang, Chenyang Lu, Nancy Lyons
Denise Zona, fuzhong Zhang, Weixiong Zhang, Silvia Zhang, Frank Yin, Vince Ruppert,

we stop here, saying hello to Jack Zaloudek, Sharon Matlock, Elaine Murray, Gena Reed,
Arye Nehorai, Gwen Nguyen, Jennnifer Wisdom, Joseph Jody O'Sullivan, Kristen Otto


Monday, April 11, 2016

short story slam week 42, maplewood, saint charles, alexis inn & suites, little rock science museum

how a newspaper function,
it is a simple question

things go well
when our audience comprehend things well

occupy a portion of the puzzle
let your wit do the maze run

next to Quartz Mountain and lone wolf,
we see Elton John, Jim Dandy, Mike Patrick, and Jamie Hoage howl

Jackie Brown is real relaxed,
so does Jerry Brown

Tracy Heaston backs up with Amazon,
Madeleine Peyroux does well with Dong Fang

some eyes focus on Wyoming,
so i can only think of the courage of Yang Mimi, Wang Min, Bing Yin.

poetry rally week 83, inner peace, fitting mindset, and abdunt sleep factors

Image result for sleep  
Image result for sleep 

Image result for sleep 

my eyes can not close
when disturbing things appear near

my mind is restless
if my need is not satisfying my appetite

pink pillow case,
smooth skin lotion in my sensitive skin

crescent moon
baby doll gives me comfort

far away from Jupiter and Mars
my breath is warm with inner peace

Robert Ripley, Sherl Crow, Chris Botti, Isley Brothers
Paul Anka, Andre Watts, Diana Ross, and Burt Bacharach

rest, easy,
peace, sleep at earse

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

past awards listed, cora marriet, france cordova

Collaborative Research: Oklahoma PDE and Applied Math Workshops
Award Number:1135402; Principal Investigator:Jiahong Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:Oklahoma State University;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:07/01/2011; Award Amount:$28,266.00; Relevance:62.84;

The Fourth Oklahoma Partial Differential Equations (PDE) Workshop; Oklahoma State University; October 26-27, 2013
Award Number:1338025; Principal Investigator:Jiahong Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:Oklahoma State University;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:07/01/2013; Award Amount:$26,760.00; Relevance:62.84;

Zero-Dissipation and Zero-Dispersion Limits Arising in Fluid Mechanics
Award Number:9971926; Principal Investigator:Jerry Bona; Co-Principal Investigator:Jiahong Wu; Organization:University of Texas at Austin;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:08/15/1999; Award Amount:$53,978.00; Relevance:62.81;

Analysis and Applications of Two Partial Differential Equations Modeling Geophysical Fluids
Award Number:1209153; Principal Investigator:Jiahong Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:Oklahoma State University;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:07/01/2012; Award Amount:$194,634.00; Relevance:62.81;

CBMS Conference: Regularity Problem for Partial Differential Equations Modeling Fluids and Geophysical Fluids
Award Number:1342592; Principal Investigator:Jiahong Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:Oklahoma State University;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:02/01/2014; Award Amount:$38,059.00; Relevance:62.81;

Oklahoma PDE Workshop; October 2009
Award Number:0930845; Principal Investigator:Jiahong Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:Oklahoma State University;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:10/01/2009; Award Amount:$25,000.00; Relevance:62.81;

MRI: Acquisition of XRD Attachments for Extending X-Ray Lab Capabilities with Temperature and Atmosphere Control
Award Number:0923042; Principal Investigator:Joseph Biernacki; Co-Principal Investigator:Jiahong Zhu; Organization:Tennessee Technological University;NSF Organization:DMR Start Date:10/01/2009; Award Amount:$171,083.00; Relevance:48.75;

RI: Medium: New Tools and Methods for Very-Large-Scale Phonetics Research
Award Number:0964556; Principal Investigator:Jiahong Yuan; Co-Principal Investigator:Wen Wang, Andreas Stolcke, Mark Liberman, Susan Davidson; Organization:University of Pennsylvania;NSF Organization:IIS Start Date:07/01/2010; Award Amount:$449,927.00; Relevance:48.69;

EAGER: Mining a Year of Speech
Award Number:1048900; Principal Investigator:Mark Liberman; Co-Principal Investigator:Jiahong Yuan, Christopher Cieri; Organization:University of Pennsylvania;NSF Organization:IIS Start Date:08/15/2010; Award Amount:$99,899.00; Relevance:48.69;

CAREER: Novel Conductive Oxide Coatings on Metallic Inteconnect for Intermediate Temperature SOFC Application
Award Number:0238113; Principal Investigator:Jiahong Zhu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:Tennessee Technological University;NSF Organization:DMR Start Date:02/01/2003; Award Amount:$414,453.00; Relevance:48.69;

GOALI: Simple Low Cost Methods for Making Conductive Interfacial Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Award Number:1362680; Principal Investigator:Jiahong Zhu; Co-Principal Investigator:Hossein Ghezel-Ayagh; Organization:Tennessee Technological University;NSF Organization:CMMI Start Date:08/15/2014; Award Amount:$357,896.00; Relevance:48.46;

Automatic Alignment and Analysis of Linguistic Change.
Award Number:0921643; Principal Investigator:William Labov; Co-Principal Investigator:Jiahong Yuan; Organization:University of Pennsylvania;NSF Organization:BCS Start Date:09/01/2009; Award Amount:$255,363.00; Relevance:48.46;

MRI: Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope
Award Number:0115961; Principal Investigator:Joseph Biernacki; Co-Principal Investigator:Larry Knox, Sharon Berk, Christopher Wilson, Jiahong Zhu; Organization:Tennessee Technological University;NSF Organization:DMR Start Date:08/01/2001; Award Amount:$269,000.00; Relevance:48.46;

"The Theodore Y.-T. Wu Symposium on Engineering Mechanics" to be held in Vancouver, Canada on June 20-25, 2004.
Award Number:0405918; Principal Investigator:Daniel Valentine; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:Clarkson University;NSF Organization:CBET Start Date:05/15/2004; Award Amount:$10,000.00; Relevance:22.19;

Quasiconformal Mappings, Doubling Measures and Subharmonic Functions
Award Number:9705227; Principal Investigator:Jang-Mei Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:07/01/1997; Award Amount:$84,000.00; Relevance:21.93;

CAREER: Bridging spectroscopy measurement and molecular structures in H-bonded materials by advanced ab initio theories
Award Number:1552287; Principal Investigator:Xifan Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:Temple University;NSF Organization:DMR Start Date:03/01/2016; Award Amount:$190,000.00; Relevance:21.85;

Proposed Laboratory Simulation Studies of EUV-VUV Photolysis of Cosmic Icy Systems
Award Number:0604455; Principal Investigator:Chung-Yung Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:Darrell Judge; Organization:University of Southern California;NSF Organization:AST Start Date:07/01/2006; Award Amount:$289,893.00; Relevance:21.54;

Statistical Models for Studying the Genetic Architecture of Dynamic Traits
Award Number:0540745; Principal Investigator:George Casella; Co-Principal Investigator:George Casella, Rongling Wu; Organization:University of Florida;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:03/15/2006; Award Amount:$854,788.00; Relevance:21.52;

Motion of Interface Between Two Fluids
Award Number:9801094; Principal Investigator:Sijue Wu; Co-Principal Investigator:; Organization:University of Iowa;NSF Organization:DMS Start Date:07/01/1998; Award Amount:$62,046.00; Relevance:21.29;

RDE-DEI: Developing and Evaluating a Peer Led Team Learning Curriculum in Caluculus and Chemistry for Undergraduate Students with Learning and Attention Disabilities
Award Number:0726664; Principal Investigator:Robert Koff; Co-Principal Investigator:Christine Street; Organization:Washington University;NSF Organization:HRD Start Date:09/01/2007; Award Amount:$118,360.00; Relevance:21.24;

Engineering, Science and Math Education for a Global, Technological Society
Award Number:0538541; Principal Investigator:Hiroaki Mukai; Co-Principal Investigator:Shirley Dyke, Cathy Ely, Ruth Okamoto, Hiroaki Mukai; Organization:Washington University;NSF Organization:DGE Start Date:02/01/2006; Award Amount:$1,988,583.00; Relevance:20.99;

Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics/Science Education (PROM/SE)
Award Number:0314866; Principal Investigator:William Schmidt; Co-Principal Investigator:Peter Bates, George Leroi, Christopher Wigent, William Schmidt, Terry Joyner; Organization:Michigan State University;NSF Organization:DRL Start Date:09/01/2003; Award Amount:$35,000,000.00; Relevance:20.91;