Wednesday, April 27, 2016

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, balance, colege education, and faculty inputs

Hyde Park Poetry

outstanding technology
exceptional expertise

many people gather at Saint Louis
Remark the excellence on computer and information technology

we shed spotlight on a few faculty there,
rain praise to Jianguo Meng's relatives, and rusty blair's law makers

Say, we are impressed by Mary Fallin, Christian Fallin,
we are interested in Jay Nixon, Frank Wang, Chris Shrock, and Mark Wrighton knowledge base

let's roll down the paper,
allow Amelia Wilson and Edward Page nephew get in Washingotn University at Saint Louis,

Harvard University does include Thomas and James,
Craig Schnuk, Julia Wrighton, Sadie Wrighton, and Rodnet Wrighton feel great then

Back on Michelle Sims, Melinda Harper, and Julia Martin page,
many people still seek strength

Roch Guerin, Kevin Cowell, Zachary Feinstein, and Trevor Bilhorn speak,
so repressive and pleased by Kim Coleman, Yixin Chen, Ryan Chakrabarty, Tom Browdy

a college is important to Shene, Tomas, Trent, Braxton, Neel, and Chris,
a permission is vital when mindsets adapt peace

Phillip Gould, Shauna Dollison, Kenyon Feliciia, Jessica Runiewicz, Myrna Harbison sit,
Janelle Fletcher, Slicia Smeltzer, Maureen Galkowski, Ramesh Agarwal, and Wow

so many intelligence,
so powerful science projects

Nancy Kobus, Chris Kroeger, Ron Laue, Anupriya Agrawal, and Kunal Agrawal come,
Mike Altepeter, Cynthia Goessling, Mark Anastasio, Natalie Goodwin-Frank, they support

look further,
look deeper,

we find Martin Arthur, Steven George, Byron Austin, Richard Axelbaum, Carl Baggett,
we promote Kathy Flores, Johnnie Foster, Steve Bannes, Jessica Barber, and Laura Barker


here comes Rose Baxter, Phillip Bayly, Nick Benassi, and Cathy Freesmeier,
followed are Jocelyn Dehart, Megan Flake, Jerome Cox, Jerry Craig, and Jianmin Cui

the rectangle box is simple,
the wit in it is heavy

you have to admit the wisdom from more proferssors,
they are Mark Wrighton, Ron Cytron, William Darby, Ellen Boyne, Ed Borbely, Amanda Carr

at last, we add Aaron Bobick, Ryan Chakrabarty, Hong Wu Liang, Chenyang Lu, Nancy Lyons
Denise Zona, fuzhong Zhang, Weixiong Zhang, Silvia Zhang, Frank Yin, Vince Ruppert,

we stop here, saying hello to Jack Zaloudek, Sharon Matlock, Elaine Murray, Gena Reed,
Arye Nehorai, Gwen Nguyen, Jennnifer Wisdom, Joseph Jody O'Sullivan, Kristen Otto


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