Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Al Words Here To Enjoy!

I do love algebra,
an apt way to group numbers,
abstract, deep, and full of wonders.

Geometry, alternative subject
in advanced mathematics, the
concrete method to study exactness.

food or aliment,
nutrition or alimentary facts,
a matter or a measurement.

alimony reminds one of
broken hearts, sad and offensive,
nothing is enough to heal.

almost, differing from the same word,
while alloy is a metal
and almond means nut called Xinren.

 i like to be alone,
with my thoughts hang aloft,
no strings attached.

words aloof off my pen,
emotional and twisted, silent
yet aloud, like alpine light.

it's hard to explain,
we all nestle ourselves in a shell to avoid pain,
and writing is a way to fulfill our altars.

although obviously puzzled,
we yet work hard to get well educated
and grab for a perfect altitude.

alum equals to Mingfan,
ordinary means Pingfan,
too bad i also honor a place called Yufan.


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