Monday, August 6, 2012

Tide, A Family Choice © Cheryl Alexander


My whites were dark and dingy
My colors failing fast,
Giving up was coming close
My mom said "Tide will past."
I've tried so many other soaps
I've grown so tired and weary,
Frustration caused an overload
My eyes were puffed and teary.
I knew mom used Tide growing up
My dad, he would insist,
Us kids really didn't know
Not just the smell we'd miss.
Now that I'm married now myself
And clothes are piling fast,
Moms words of wisdom fill my thoughts
Cheryl, "Tide will past."
I've used the cheap brands: All of them,
In class my kids would hide,
Most kids there had brighter whites
My son said, "Mom use Tide".
Stubborn me, I gave in
Now my choice is clear,
The only soap in my home was
Tide with bleach this year.

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