Monday, September 24, 2012

Legend of The First Encounter: A Fatasy Love Story


he's known for his fixed stare
as if she were a wall
that had hidden business there,
or somewhere near the waterfall,
and once-he wrote a poem on times square,
and painted her elegant and tall.
He smiled to say he can wait,
and gently asked: " are you alright?"
She lowered her head in defeat,
later he left to a far away place, she'd hate
to miss his greetings, day and night.
Five years had slipped away
that didn't change her fate,
He'd done great, people would say,
She assumed that he must have a date
who would stand in her way,
until he came, assuring their future with no debate.


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  1. girls like to dream,
    boys love to flirt,

    perfect love is in dreams and could come true...

  2. I'm a romantic at heart and this read like a complete romance novel in just three short paragraphs. I never thought it could be done, but you did it. Loved it!! Praying you have a blessed week.

  3. a dreamy story,

    it is sad that as years pass by, both grow old, love withers then.

  4. Very romantic poem ... longing and dreaming of the one you love, but can't reach out to him/her.