Monday, October 22, 2012

Mango or Mangoes as Meng' Guo

Mangos, Mango, Mangoes, Meng Guo...

None tropical fruit,
Mangoes look orange and red,
Taste the rich texture.
Mangoes are rare here,
Mango juice is mixed then,
Special food to cheer.
Mangoes are not men's
rooms or where men go for sex,
Mangoes are unique food.
Don't think of blind dogs,
when you hear the name of mangoes,
they're sweet juicy fruit.

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  1. I love EVERYTHING about mangoes. We can't always get the best ones here. In Hawaii I was able to get the best. But when I get them, and they are the right ripeness, they are 'to die for.'

  2. I love, love mangoes!! Whenever I can't find them I go into a decline, I mean who can go without at least one mango a day? I can't!
    This was indeed juicy and delicious. Thanks so much for sharing; have a blessed week!

  3. I love mango ... delicious and juicy :-)

  4. love the haikus. i LOVE mangoes. so i especially appreciate these words