Saturday, January 31, 2015

humor, poetry, and award winning experience!

A reads a book, while B prays to the Lord,
C dates D near a brook, who acts bored
before drinking E's hot tea, F retires, G lends a hand
on H's car rental business, I do understand,
J is sailing a boat
while K is collecting the field of oat,
L and M open a barber shop
with N and O getting married,
P lies to Q, R meets S at Ihop,
W strongly disagree
and decides to hire X, Y, and Z
before it's too late,
A reads a book to play the game of fate.
a poet is proposed to win a similar award for poetry rally week 80, the poet is 
have fun!
Spring Rain”


  1. I knew to be cautious of the alphabet (particularly A) - what a clever piece!

  2. Somehow after going through the alphabet you are back again.. better stay with the book

  3. This is very clever. I so enjoyed it!

  4. Fate seems to cover all from A to Z.

  5. I am now needing to know what happened with t u and v.

  6. you can always find light in both day and night,
    life is enjoyable.

  7. What happened to T, U, and V? Is there going to be a sequel?

  8. Really enjoyed this! Very clever!