Thursday, June 11, 2015

Henderson Coffee Crisis

Never mind FirstBanc 9th street,
No need to go crazy about Lebanon Peet cafe,
Edward Lee has gone explicit,
Peter Brinn shops for midnight buffet.
a sip of evanston Sherman,
a tip from Morton Cohen,
The casino keeps spinning,
The Indian masters keep pow wowing.
Ladette Randolph edits poems,
Kathleen Rutledge cuts lawns,
Henderson coffee runs short,
Jerry Yang grows bored.
a pannel of writers,
a book of hints and verse,
Ted Kooser is pushed by
waves of thoughts, provided by
Don Welch,
Christine Stewart-Nunez,
Luan Pitsch,
Linda Parsons Marion,
Jeff Daniel Marion,
George Garrett,
Steve Cox,
Tom Lee,
Jill Levendosky,
Stephan Ciardi,
Ciana Higgs,
Samba Young,
Jeff Bezos
Bob Moore