Wednesday, October 14, 2015

the crow that crawls (short story slam week 31) and love concepts (october write day 20)

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short story slam week 31

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remote village,
groups of residents sleep,
dreaming of Venetian rep

helicopter arrives
white, yellow, black lords come down,
they knock at your door

dare not to frown,
yet speak of native language in town
guests sit to be treated hush brown

long boiled sticks,
stuffed buns, and teamed pork slices,
red wine paint old face tan

taxi drivers
one by one waiting in line,
they drive to yuekou, qiqiao, yuxin, tianmen, or jiangchang,

crows scream
when the man decides to ask for a huge amount,
just for pete's sake and for jerry yang or shelley downing

now, it is time to think about October write day 20 love poetry

Poetry Prompt:

Time to write a love poem. Now just because it is a love poem doesn't mean it has to be between lovers, it can be the love you had for your favorite pet when you were growing up (or now), it could be for your kids, it could be your best friend. Or, you could do something fun from a prompt I shared in the 2013 OctPoWriMo, Love Letters, Not What You Are Expecting.

Word Prompts:


here is mt try for morgan dragonwillow

if you seek love,
you must look below, left, right, and above;
due to personal reasons,
love is defined by marital, eternal, or unexpected lust

fondness, tenderness, and warmth in your words carry love,
intimacy, attachment, and endearment implies relational partner love,
distant prayers, blogging support, friendly hello also produce common love,
writing, poetry, short story, and birthday greeting indicate particular momentary love.

the universe is vast,
the population is huge,
in a cage of a robin bird,
love means singing music to its bird caregiver

internet space is infinite,
human mind is both fragile and firm,
under the roof of household luigina,
love implies embrace, comprehension, and mutual independence

love is heavy
when you believe that you are the old navy,
love is light
when forgiveness carries charming soul to aspen height

love yourself,
love your spouse,
love your children,
and love your peers at work or at school

good luck on love,
love means give,
love means save,
love means achieve...

OctPoWriMo 2015