Thursday, July 6, 2017

short story slam week 70,

michael murray wave hello to sheng wu and tom le wuu,
mary fisher sets record for michelle hendrickson,
lovely lucinda southworth promote jerry brown and anne gust

ann blair grins for laszlo stein
prtrick and rusty stein root more publishing for joel stein
marth minow retuie knots between josephine basket and yan pengchuan

jeremy attenoseo-boss,
gerry wood blows horn at quartz mountain
joshua eliot and bryson smith sits for belle dees

l. newton and julie cohen,
earl carter and santana spongior-day
we enjoy emily claudia and claire dittelmier

xu tongcheng, xu pengcheng, xu bo, xu xiangyang,
all smile at guangxu and tongchi kingdom sets,
wu tiejian and wu jing join dou yu, doing hotel business

dropping a note,
david smith and audie murphy rewine,
Pam Murphy, Dana Murphy, Larry Shell, Donovan Funk, wow

Cheng Lanting, beijing olympic park

Tian Zhaokun, 2017, june 25, beijing olympic forrest park

tianjing university

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